T-shirts with history

T-shirts with history

Virtuality makes legislators participate in plenary or committee meetings from their own homes or offices, in many cases accompanied by mate while they wait for their turn to speak. Several use their offices – in many cases rugby jerseys nz very close to the Legislature itself – to have a more secure connection, especially those in towns in the interior where connectivity is not the best.

Meanwhile, in the case of the macrista Gabriel Chumpitaz, behind his figure there are pictures with rugby shirts that are the clubs and national teams that he integrated in his extensive career in that sport, even as a professional in Parma, Italy. This is how, in addition to the Parma shirt, the Gymnastics of Rosario and the SIC, more than some teams appear.

Chumpitaz is the nephew of that defender who has been a member of the Peruvian soccer team for many years and was even in two World Cups.

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