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He loved the Pumas “, the sentiment of Diego Maradona that feeds the team for the duel with the All Blacks

When the Pumas take to the field on Saturday they will have one more reason to be inspired. Diego Armando Maradona’s death on Wednesday reached every corner of the planet and Sydney was no exception. The identification of the world jaguares rugby jersey soccer star with the blue and white is such that it exceeds soccer. Against the All Blacks, the Argentine rugby team will also play for him.

Maradona was a great fan of the Argentine jersey, no matter what sport. His connection to rugby was manifested more openly during the 2015 World Cup in England, when he witnessed the match against Tonga at the Leicester City stadium. When he appeared at the stadium shortly into the game, the spectacle took a back seat and all eyes turned to him.
He vibrated with the tries of Santiago Cordero and fluttered the shirt in the box next to Agustín Pichot. Then he went through the dressing room where he sang and jumped with the players. “We are going to try to remember him as best as possible on the court representing these colors,” Mario Ledesma said at the press conference on Thursday morning, where all questions from foreign media pointed to the memory of 10.

“He is a great figure in our country and represents a lot of how Argentines are,” continued Ledesma. He was an example of how you should play for the jersey and to be honest he was passionate about all the teams: tennis, hockey, rugby, soccer. Where there was an Argentine jersey he was there and united the Argentines, which is something difficult to achieve between people who think differently. “

Rugby team T-shirts with history

Joma presents the new rugby team shirt

The technical sponsor of the Spanish Rugby Federation presents the new official collection of the XV teams. For the first time the kits are different for the XV and the sevens, hence the new shirts of the teams of the Olympic modality will not see the light until next November. Joma rugby jerseys nz and the Spanish Rugby Federation (FER) present the #PonteEnNuestraPiel campaign to publicize the shirts with which the Lions and Lionesses will compete in the 2020-2021 season. The new collection of Joma, technical sponsor of the FER, is more extensive than ever, since for the first time it is made up of different kits for the XV teams and the Olympic sevens modality.

The red shirt stands out for its geometric printing and the yellow and blue details on the sleeves and neck. For the yellow, the decoration in organic lines is completed with red details. The collection is made in differentiated masculine and feminine patterns. Joma’s product is recognized for its quality and technological qualities and in the garments of the different Spanish rugby teams, the quality standards of the brand have been applied, both in the Lions and Lionesses game shirts, as well as the replicas. that will be put on sale.

The elastics are made of heavy-weight Jacquard polyester, characterized by its extra resistance to breakage and double seams in high-strength thread. The fabric provides an excellent fit and optimal breathability. Joma applies the latest technologies in the sector to its products to facilitate the comfort of the athlete. In this case, the t-shirts include the MICROMESH SYSTEM system that allows the garment to expel sweat to the external face keeping the body dry. The FLATLOCK seams ensure the comfort of the athlete, since they avoid chafing thanks to its flat finish.


Look at Caleb Clarke, the new Lomu

The 21-year-old wing who played his first All Blacks starter test on Sunday is the closest thing to Jonah, in size, rugby jerseys nzdetermination, power and origins. He even plays the 11. Check out the video. The 21-year-old winger who played his first All Blacks starter test on Sunday is the closest thing to Jonah in size, determination, power and origins. He even plays with 11. Check the video. On Sunday something similar happened with Caleb Clarke, who made his debut as a starter (after going to the bank a week ago) for the All Blacks against Australia, with the same effect of bouncing rivals and that the public (Auckland’s Eden Park was in full swing without fear of Covid-19) would rise from their seats, and there is a relationship that somehow unites them. Caleb explained: “He (Lomu) was a big part of my childhood and I know he was a big part of my dad’s life. When he passed away, it affected my dad. It was not the same for a few weeks. I feel like I have a great responsibility to do the shirt justice. “

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Rugby team players support Recife social project

Providing that needy youngsters dream of a better life through sport, this is one of the missions of the Social Project Diamonds of the Ghetto, which, since the beginning of this year, invests in the development of children and adolescents in the periphery of rugby jerseys nz Recife. There are three workshops (rugby, jiu-jitsu and showzinho, playful activities to socialize young people).

“We have a huge spread of football. So, working with jiu-jitsu and rugby jerseys rugby is very challenging. At first, many boys even think rugby is football. But, little by little, they see and learn more about the sport. We show the values ​​involved in the sport. The sport is a tool with huge potential. It is a philosophy of life to change the reality of these children and make them run after their dreams ”, says the project’s creator, Abraão Silva de Melo.

In September, the initiative that serves almost 200 children aged 3 to 17 in the communities of Santo Amaro and Coque, won important partners, the brothers Daniel and Felipe Sancery, from the Brazilian team and São José Rugby.

Through postings on social networks, the athletes got to know and identify with the history of the Recife twins Wandreys Silva and Wanderson Silva, who participate in the rugby meetings in Recife. “It was a story that appeared in the first class in the community. The connection of the Silva twins with the Sancery was automatic. I arrived for the boys and presented the story of the Sancery. He said that they had the potential to also reach the Brazilian team. But they needed to continue dedicating themselves to training. The boys were very excited. I showed videos of the Sancery in the selection. It was a giant stimulus. Then we even did a montage on Instagram with photos of the national team players and the boys from the project, ”said Abrãao.

It was through this post that the story arrived at São José Rugby, Felipe Daniel Sancery’s club. “I participated in a live with the boys to talk about the values ​​of the sport and everything. It was André Nogueira, a former player and now one of the managers of São José Rugby, who had the idea of ​​sending the shirts with my name and my brother’s to the boys. And it worked very well. Very good to see these children happy and excited to continue in the sport. We know about the difficulties that Ghetto Diamonds face. And any kind of help is super welcome. No one has any doubt that the young person who has had contact with the sport from an early age has a more open mind, manages to have broader social networks. Anyway, a better life ”, declared Felipe.

“When we least expected it, we received contact from the club and the brothers. They said they were going to send the t-shirts to our project’s kids. It was a blessing for all of us. Kids loved the present. They felt very valued. They always say that they are keeping the shirts very well. They only use it to come to the rugby workshop ”, celebrates Abraão.

T-shirts with history

Rugby: nostalgia flavored with gin and tonic

Without detracting from the present, and much less the future, Julio Williams like to dive into memories frequently. In that chest has lots of stories and photos worth dusting off and sharing, though hours are never enough to cover more than a few. But if you are going to exercise nostalgia, what better way to do it than by observing a beautiful Yerbabuean sunset in the gallery of your house with a drink
of gin and tonic in rugby jerseys hand. Even more so if the gin bears his signature: Williams & Williams London Dry Gin. “I started to elaborate it during the quarantine, from a MEMORIES. Tucumán Rugby is his passion. “As Francella says in The Secret of his eyes: you can change everything, except passion, “he says. LA GACETA / PHOTO BY DIEGO ARÁOZ
G 2 detailed recipe in a letter that I found among my father’s things ”,
Julio tells us, not only in the role of interviewee but also as host and bartender. On a wooden bench, several of the T-shirts that keep as treasures. Mainly, that of Tucumán Rugby, the first that dressed, although not the only one. “I started at the club in 1970. But when my parents separated, I went to live downtown for a couple of years, and in that
time I played in University, which was still in the Department of Physical education. Then I returned to Tucumán Rugby at the insistence of my friends, but I also had a lot of friends in ‘Uni’. Because, although I have only one club, there are several shirts I want, “he explains.
Julio, who also wore the San Isidro Club while he lived in Buenos
Aires. “I have friends everywhere. I always say that rugby is a medium and not a n. It is a means of making friends in all clubs. 25 ago years that I returned from Italy and there is not a week that I do not receive a call from some
friend from there. I taught many to take fernet with coca, ”he recalls.

The CUS Perugia shirt appears as a representative of his time at the
Italian rugby, in the early 90s, by the grace of his brother
Frederick. “He left first and from there he called me to invite me to go. I already
I was 31 years old, I felt old enough to take that step, but he told me that
I had spoken to be added to Perugia. The detail is that the types they needed a kicker, and he had told them that I knew. I wanted to kill him
I told him I was crazy, how could I tell them that if I hadn’t kicked in my life. But hey they needed one so I went to Lawn Tennis to ask ‘Negro’ Tejerizo to teach me. We spent hours kicking the sticks, because in a few days he had to be there. And look what the things: I ended up being the team’s kicker and scorer ”.
Anyway, the fact that he had never kicked was not entirely true. A decade earlier, wearing the “orange”, he had been encouraged to try the foot in the last play of a match against Mendoza, for the Centro tournament
A recipe that came from Wales more than 140 years ago
of the Republic. “There was a minute left and we were losing by two points. The fullback of them kicks from his ingoal trying to get her to the line, but leaves her inside
and there I grabbed it, which was located on the open wing. Although
I was cornering, about 10 yards, the only thing I could think of was to shoot a drop. I got pearly and took the bombshell, but it came out like a balloon punctured. The ‘Gallo’ Cabrera yells Noooooo, but when he sees that the ball
He comes in with just enough, starts shouting Síííííí, and the game is over. We won
with my drop and they took me on a litter, ”he remembers. But he admits that that success delighted him. Because one more week
Later, in a match in Rosario, he tried again. “After a line, the ball comes to me, who was by the blind. And from there I hit him drop again, but the shot came out low and I almost took the head off the forwards. Since
So, some friends, like ‘Perico’ (Pedro) Merlo, spend me with ‘the Julio Williams drops ’ha ha”, he accepts.
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Times have changed a lot, and while you enjoy watching rugby professional, he understands that Argentine rugby must return to the bases. “He
(Agustín) Pichot’s project I loved, but I don’t think our country
it is in financial condition to face it. On the other hand, Argentina has a unique club base, which gave us great fruit and which we should not waste. Resources must be directed there, towards the clubs. Y try to recover the Argentine Championship. When they arranged to be
played in November, it stopped being attractive, because the players shot. If they had done it with windows during local tournaments, it would have been different. And if you can’t make an Argentine, it would be good if unless a Center of the Republic can be set up. I insist, in this situation,
Argentine rugby must return to its sources ”.

T-shirts with history

T-shirts with history

Virtuality makes legislators participate in plenary or committee meetings from their own homes or offices, in many cases accompanied by mate while they wait for their turn to speak. Several use their offices – in many cases rugby jerseys nz very close to the Legislature itself – to have a more secure connection, especially those in towns in the interior where connectivity is not the best.

Meanwhile, in the case of the macrista Gabriel Chumpitaz, behind his figure there are pictures with rugby shirts that are the clubs and national teams that he integrated in his extensive career in that sport, even as a professional in Parma, Italy. This is how, in addition to the Parma shirt, the Gymnastics of Rosario and the SIC, more than some teams appear.

Chumpitaz is the nephew of that defender who has been a member of the Peruvian soccer team for many years and was even in two World Cups.